Better ADC/DAC cards with Acourate?

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Re: Better ADC/DAC cards with Acourate?

Post by Labdoc » 26 Jun 2021 02:56

Another option is RME. I use a UFX+ with an Acourate XO between the main 3-way speakers and stereo subs. There is no limitation to adding separate XOs for the LF, MF and HF drivers, and this is in the future for me. I connect to the computer running Acourate Convolver via Thunderbolt (30 m cable no problem). The TotalMix FX feature of RME is really nice for routing and mixing. The DAC in the UFX+ is top notch, and the RME user forum is quite helpful. Although I use Thunderbolt, RME also has MADI and ethernet solutions. These require additional hardware, so do not meet your interest in simplifying the rack and keeping costs down.
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Re: Better ADC/DAC cards with Acourate?

Post by UliBru » 26 Jun 2021 12:22

Actually I have a RME Madiface USB and an ADI6432 for test. This works without any problems. The ADI6432 is a Madiface - AES/EBU converter and directly feeds my digital amps.
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