UB class of crossovers

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Re: UB class of crossovers

Post by PhilActiveAudio » 24 Feb 2021 17:50

As far as measurement is concerned, I don’t expect much changes using Acourate as my understanding is that measurements ‘anomalies’ are related to driver shape and sound propagation rules. Maybe anomalies were exaggerated because of my setup: compression drivers with horns for mid and tweeter.

I tried 40cm measurements to get rid of room reflections, but that was not a good idea (due to my previous digital crossover hardware and software setup?). My measurements had exaggerated high frequencies when done at 40cm distance (limited at 1 kHz but up to +2 to +4dB at 20 kHz).

Measurements quality was improving with additional distance and finally became ‘normal’ at 80cm, 100cm, 200cm and above (they were comparable when smoothed).

But since a measurement is the base for all subsequent processing, a good measurement is the key for a good correction.

Hope other members will confirm or not these findings.

Measurement in a living room remains very complex... I have high expectations on Acourate subsequent Psychoacoustic processing and then linear XO as discussed above.
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