Generating HK filter

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Generating HK filter

Post by Ackcheng » 17 Jun 2020 15:02

Dear Uli,

I think I should start a new thread on this. Since my speaker has physical constrains, I cannot put the mid too close to the tweeter so I would like to treat the tweeter and woofer as one single unit using NT filter but the rest using HK filter. I managed to create the filter but when I add the filters together to see the effect, I got the error message. Do you know why?

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Re: Generating HK filter

Post by UliBru » 17 Jun 2020 15:11


I guess you use mixed type filters (HK + other type) and the filters have a different filter taps length. The picture also shows filter peaks at different position in time domain. It does not make sense to add filters of different length and very different peak positions.
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