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Posted: 15 Aug 2021 23:49
by jvvita

I am relatively new to Acourate. Until now, I have been using HQPlayer for convolution. But I wanted to try directly from roon. The point is that the function “create zip for roon” returns the message “nothing to do”.

I created filters in all sample rates available, and all foi them are in my work directory. Am I doing something wrong?

Re: Acourate4roon

Posted: 16 Aug 2021 02:13
by Ecwl
I’ve run into this problem once after a Windows 10 update.
I think it’s a Windows thing where the Zip function of the OS just suddenly stopped working.
You can see if this is the problem by zipping the files yourself by selecting them in Windows file explorer and then sending them to a Zipper folder within Windows 10.
If that works then you have a different problem than I did.
If this doesn’t work within Windows 10 (and obviously outside of Acourate), then you may have the same problem than I did.

In the end, I googled the Windows 10 problem and solved it. Once the Windows 10 Zip function was working again, the Create Zip for Roon macro worked again.

Re: Acourate4roon

Posted: 16 Aug 2021 07:50
by UliBru
Roon expects filters in wav format. So please select wav 64bit in macro4. Then the Zip function should work.
I'll need to improve the error message to make it more clear.

My answer was too quick. Indeed Acourate4Roon checks for the existence of the required wav files.
The error message "Nothing to do" is by the underlying zip library and very difficult to track on a computer without this fault.
So indeed it seems that the OS version is causing the error.

Is there a link to a solution with Win10 zipping fault ?

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Posted: 16 Aug 2021 14:39
by jvvita
Thanks for your reply.

Indeed, I am able to select the .wav files and "send to" a zip folder. everything works fine.

If you guys could tell me what the zip folder must contain to work in Roon, I can create the zip without any hassle.

My main doubt is about the .cfg file that Roon seems to need and that I cannot find on my work directory.

Just to be sure everything is right, I am creating stereo filters, in all sample rates, including 352 and 384.

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Posted: 16 Aug 2021 15:00
by UliBru
Roon simply expects stereo wav filters in a zip file. So select the desired samplerates in romm macro4 and also 64bit stereo wav.
This will result in Cor1S44.wav, Cor1S48.wav ... up to Cor1S384.wav
You can simply zip them and tell Roon the location and name of the zip file.

The config file is only necessary if you run filters including crossovers.

Re: Acourate4roon

Posted: 16 Aug 2021 15:52
by jvvita