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Re: Acourate Version News

Posted: 16 Nov 2021 12:46
by UliBru

For completeness I like to announce here also the new upgrade version Acourate V2 :)

So for forum visitors here is the text which has sent to existing Acourate users:
The time has come: Acourate version 2 is now available as a major upgrade for all current Acourate users!

Over the past years, Acourate has earned a reputation as one of the most powerful room correction programs. The results are of highest quality and transparency. It is based on a constant development and optimization. In the course of time, several new functions and further developments have been added. The basic idea of optimizing not only the frequency response but also the time response in particular is still a core function.

Examples of the previous proven solution approaches are:

psychoacoustic evaluation
frequency dependent windowing
correction of the excess phase
optimized time response

Since the first edition 15 years ago, all users could enjoy the benefits of free updates. The previous version 1 continues to work.

Version 2 has been revised and expanded from the ground up.
The new introduces a groundbreaking feature that not only optimizes each speaker on its own, but also incorporates how the speakers work together. Once again, the focus here is on timing, specifically phase alignment between channels. The aim of ICPA (InterChannel Phase Alignment) is to align the group delay behavior in the important frequency range up to 350 Hz. This has a positive effect on interference between loudspeakers. The cause of phase differences is usually given by asymmetries in the room, in the speaker placement and in the furniture. Eliminating them by rearranging the room is often undesirable. Acourate offers the solution for this with ICPA.

In addition to the new functionality, version 2 offers an enhanced and optimized user interface. Many additional improvements "under the hood" increase the sonic result of Acourate again audibly.

Re: Acourate Version News

Posted: 08 May 2022 01:33
by isabido
Thank you Uli, for giving us this new version. You can see the work, a much more up-to-date renewed interface, and little details that I am discovering, such as the automatic generation of CPVs in macro 4.

A software that does not stop growing!

Highly recommended update.