Usability suggestion: Coalesce Macros 3-5

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Bob Stern
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Usability suggestion: Coalesce Macros 3-5

Post by Bob Stern » 17 Oct 2020 08:17

I just began evaluating the trial versions of Acourate and Audiolense. When these two programs are compared in forums, Acourate often is criticized as being harder to use than Audiolense. I'd like to offer a suggestion for streamlining Acourate a bit to overcome this mark against it.

One difference between the two is that Audiolense condenses into a single step the same operations as Macros 3-5. Even if you have good reason to keep these as three separate steps, my impression is that you could add an operation to the Room menu called "Macros 3-5" that performs all three macros without pause, thereby eliminating two operations. This seems logical because the user typically does not do anything with the graphical output of Macros 3 and 4, so why force the user to pause to display them? Of course, the configuration dialog for "Macros 3-5" would have to include all the parameters of both Macro 3 and Macro 4.
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Re: Usability suggestion: Coalesce Macros 3-5

Post by UliBru » 17 Oct 2020 16:55


the macros 3 to 5 exist for a good reason.
So I often use the visualized result of macro3 to manually tweak the inverse correction curve. It is possible to limit some gain, to tweak the max. boost at e.g. the highest frequencies (caused by brickwall filters) and so on.
Macro4 to 5 are used by iteration.

I have learnt that fully automated processes keep the users stupid. Your proposed general macro3-5 is comfortable and so most users will use it without thinking.
So e.g. the same problem arises with automatic time alignment of drivers. The user does not know what's going on. But quite often the software also does not know about this. ;)

So the target of Acourate is not to win the best price for usability but to allow the user to get a best result.
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