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by Uli
04 Jan 2022 11:55
Forum: Acourate
Topic: Question before buying Acourate
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Re: Question before buying Acourate


can you send me the calibration data? I'll check if they are valid for a 90° setup
by Uli
24 Nov 2020 13:49
Forum: Acourate
Topic: Transition area vs steady state
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Re: Transition area vs steady state

From first picture I would conclude that sub and midbass start at the same time, they are correctly in opposite at the early beginning of the transition area. But for some reason the phase of the black curve suddenly changes and now the drivers are in opposite polarity. The polarity switch heals the...
by Uli
14 Jul 2020 17:22
Forum: Acourate
Topic: Subsonic Filter
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Subsonic Filter

The recommended procedure with the actual Acourate version is: Design the target in macro2 and if desired define a subsonic filter. Simply keep the according checkbox enabled. Thus you can see how the subsonic filter looks like. Acourate does not use the subsonic in macro3 but it remembers the value...
by Uli
30 Jan 2020 11:21
Forum: AcourateConvolver
Topic: AcourateConvolver Version News
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AcourateConvolver Version News

  • Limitation of volume step for AC Remote Control
    With new Windows updates some crashes have been reported. The reason is still unknown.
    By a crash the volume has possibly boosted up to full level. V1.6.4. fixes this, the volume can only increase by a specified step, see AC settings dialog
by Uli
04 Jan 2020 12:45
Forum: Room macros
Topic: How to use "Extra Delay" in Macro 4?
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Re: How to use "Extra Delay" in Macro 4?

Basically Acourate assumes that the mic is at the center between the speakers. The sound travel time for each speaker is the same. If you do not sit in the center the travel time will be different. Extra delay in macro4 allows to compensate for this. Another example is a 3-speaker setup. If the cent...
by Uli
21 Oct 2019 18:50
Forum: Room macros
Topic: Calculating FDW window width in Room Macro4 with different cycle values
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Re: Calculating FDW window width in Room Macro4 with different cycle values

Hello Mitch, FDW calculates with changing window width from low frequency (about 4 Hz) up to about fs/2 . The width is frequency dependent. You may consider the width curve as a straight line in a logarithmic frequency plot. So if e.g. the low parameter is 10 and the high parameter is 2 you will get...
by Uli
21 Oct 2019 11:39
Forum: Acourate
Topic: Acourate Version News
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Acourate Version News

  • Room - Save Cor Filters for TV (8192 taps). The function shortens filters to reduce latency for lip sync with TVs
  • Generate - Crossover. The XO generator allows now a newly developed class of XO filters similar to NT filters but with better behaviour
by Uli
19 Oct 2019 17:54
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Welcome!
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Welcome to the Acourate user group!

Please enjoy being here, asking questions or even find proper answers ;)

Stay well tuned
by Uli
19 Oct 2019 12:06
Forum: Netiquette, Terms of Use and Disclaimer
Topic: Netiquette
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By participation in this forum you agree with this Netiquette. Never forget that there is a human being on the other side. Please assure that the text you write is really worth to be read. Read your contribution once again before pressing "Send". Pay attention to spelling, grammar and expression. It...
by Uli
19 Oct 2019 12:05
Forum: Netiquette, Terms of Use and Disclaimer
Topic: Terms of Use
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Terms of Use

By accessing the "Acourate User Group" a contract is concluded between you and the operator with the following provisions: User agreement By accessing the "Acourate User Group" (hereinafter referred to as "the Board") you conclude a user agreement with the operator of the Board (hereinafter "Operato...