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How to edit the Acourate-Wiki


The wiki is designed in such a way that even in case of an operation error nothing gets damaged or lost. All modifications of existing pages can be reversed without problems. If you still like to play around on a safe ground you can first start with a sandbox:

Modification of an existing page:

After the login you will find for each page which is allowed for modification by the user some symbols at the right side to edit the page:

A click on Edit opens the selected page in an editor The wiki has two editors, each of them has its advantages:

CKG Editor: this editor is a graphic WYSIWYG editor, similar to a text editor like Word. This is the most comfortable way to edit existing texts including a spell checking. It can be intuitively used.

DW Edit: this editor is directly editing the source text of the wiki files. Links or pictures can be nicely handled.

A button below the editor allows to switch between both editor modes.

Adding a new page:

Adding a new page is most simply carried out with the DW Edit. Open the page where the link to the new page shall be placed. Then add the title of the new page at the proper position emedded in double square brackets:

Now switch to the CKG Edit and click on the new red link (which does not yet contain a valid link adress):

The wiki will ask if a new page shall be created. After confirmation and entering of some text into the new page you can save the page. It will be found later by the given link.

Adding pictures:

Screenshots or Acourate chart pictures (e.g. File > Save Amplitude Chart to PNG) should be given as files in PNG format. You can easily transfer them with DW Edit to the wiki:

Click the picture icon

Click on Select File/s and define the files to upload. Then click on Upload

After the upload the desired picture can be selected for embedding it in the actual page

The following window allows the definition of different picture options. The options set in the picture above have been proved to properly work.

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