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 +====== Remove DC ======
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;​initial;;#​ffffff>​**Description:​**</​font>​
-**This page is not fully translatedyetPlease help completing ​the translation.** \\ +<font 14px/Arialsans-serif;;​initial;;#​ffffff>​DC voltage component is removedNo high pass is used. Any offset from zero at the end of the pulse is removed by moving the imaginary line between ​the first and last sample from a diagonal to a straight line at zeroThis makes it similar to a linear-phase 1-5Hz high pass. However ​(in contrast to the high passit has no effect if there is no offset from zero.</font>
-//(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)/+
-====== Remove DC ====== +
- +
 \\ \\
-**Options:​**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;​initial;;#​ffffff>​**Options:​**</​font>​
 \\ \\
-**Application:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;​initial;;#​ffffff>​**Use:**</​font>​
 \\ \\
-**Example:​**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;​initial;;#​ffffff>​**Example:​**</​font>​
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