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 +====== Remove DC ======
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Description:**</font>
-**This page is not fully translatedyetPlease help completing the translation.** \\ +<font 14px/Arialsans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>DC voltage component is removedNo high pass is used. Any offset from zero at the end of the pulse is removed by moving the imaginary line between the first and last sample from a diagonal to a straight line at zeroThis makes it similar to a linear-phase 1-5Hz high pass. However (in contrast to the high passit has no effect if there is no offset from zero.</font>
-//(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)/+
-====== Remove DC ====== +
- +
 \\ \\
-**Options:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Options:**</font>
 \\ \\
-**Application:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Use:**</font>
 \\ \\
-**Example:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Example:**</font>
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