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 +====== Linear Interpolation between Markers ======
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Description:**</font>
-**This page is not fully translatedyetPlease help completing the translation.** \\ +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>In contrast to "Silence between markers", the marked area of ​​our impulse is not deleted but interpolatedconnected with a straight line.</font>
-//(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)// +
-====== Linear Interpolation between Markers ======+
 \\ \\
-**Description:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Options:**</font> 
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>-</font>
 \\ \\
-**Options:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Use:**</font> 
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>Part of the impulse should be eliminated for analysis. However, a silence would insert two square pulses in the middle of an area (before and after the silence). To prevent this, we connect the dots.</font>
 \\ \\
-**Application:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Example:**</font>
 \\ \\
-**Example:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>We interpolate away the ringing of our impulse. The result shows that the energy of lower frequencies is now decreasing. An indication of the delayed swing in and swing out of the low frequency of a min-phase high pass. The low frequencies come with a time delay.</font> 
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