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 +====== Change Polarity ======
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Description:**</font>
-**This page is not fully translatedyet. Please help completing the translation.** \\ +<font 14px/Arialsans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>The phase of the pulse is inverted (mirrored vertically)</font>
-//(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)/+
-====== Change Polarity ======+
 \\ \\
-**Description:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Options:**</font>
 \\ \\
-**Options:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Use:**</font>
-\\ +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>Inverted measurements can be corrected.</font> 
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>Individual subtractions of pulses can be simulated by negative addition (allows complex addition of several pulses).</font>
 \\ \\
-**Example:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Example:**</font>
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