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 +====== Raw Decimation (filterless) ======
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Description:**</font>
-**This page is not fully translatedyet. Please help completing the translation.** \\ +<font 14px/Arialsans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>Our filter is shortened by the specified value (played faster) for the purpose of sample rate conversion. The mechanism is that every n+1 samples is deleted. Raw Decimation following Raw Zero-Stuffing with n chosen equal in both cases brings the pulse back to its original form. If Raw Zero-Stuffing is applied after Raw Decimation the pulse will have its original length but every n+1 samples will be zero.</font>
-//(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)// +
-====== Raw Decimation (filterless) ======+
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>For more details, see "Raw Zero Stuffing" which more or less does the opposite.</font>
 +<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Options: **n is chosen between 1 and 15</font>
 \\ \\
-**Options:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Use:**</font>
 \\ \\
-**Application:**+<font 14px/Arial, sans-serif;;initial;;#ffffff>**Example:**</font>
 \\ \\
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